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Team West FAQ's

By Admin 01/26/2021, 11:45am MST

I wanted to put this out because we have had a barrage of questions about NA West Operations; hopefully, this helps clarify.


Q: How many players are on a roster?

Typically NA Prep Teams take nine forwards, six defensemen, and one goaltender. There are situations where NA Prep may take additional skaters, i.e., older players, because of checking (injuries), or when we play in Canada playing 20 minutes stop time rules. But, typically, we only take 16 players.


Q: What age groups does NA Wets have?

During COVID times, NA Prep has only taken three age groups, Squirt, Pee Wee, and Bantam. We usually have teams at all birth years.


Q: How many tournaments do the NA West teams attend?

NA West Teams only attend one mandatory tournament during the spring; additional tournaments are added for players and families that would like to attend more and an additional cost.

Q: Does our $400 fee cover two tournaments?

The $400 NA West fee covers only one tournament, uniforms, tournament fees, ice time, coaches travel, and administration cost. Normally, we can charge our families $350 due to the lower cost of play and ice time in that region when we play in Canada.


Q: I was under the impression it was $400 for both tournaments; how much do additional tournaments cost?

My apologies to those under that impression; the $400 covers uniforms, tournament fees, ice time, coaches travel, and administration cost. Additional tournaments cost $200 in Canada and $250 when competing in the US due to the price increase. The additional player fee covers tournament fees, ice time, coaches travel, and administration cost


Q: What is the deadline to sign-up for the Provo Tournament?

Provo Tournament deadline is Friday 29, 2021; this allows us enough time to find additional players if needed and get our roster in.


Q: Who will be coaching the team when Coach JJ is coaching another team?

 Each team has three to four coaches running the bench, team rosters are on our, and have all coaches are listed. 


Q: The players don't seem to play as well when Coach JJ isn't on the bench.

I don't have an answer to that question, but I encourage you to have a conversation with your player if you feel they play differently for other coaches. We have a great coaching staff that does their best with the players; each of them is different in their own way and offer our players something from other perspectives. NA Prep has grown exponentially, and with that growth comes additional coaches that enjoy coaching the way I do. I do my best to spread myself out with all of the players and teams, and there are times when it just doesn't work logistically. Unfortunately, during these times, we have several teams at the tournaments, which is quite a bit more challenging. When things get back to normal, we will do our best only to take two teams to a tournament at a time.


Q: What Hotels are we staying at in Provo? The last tournament was a nightmare and was difficult logistically.

We have parents running logistics for NA Prep and get you the information as soon as they obtain it. The tournaments are challenging to run this year because of the rink closures and teams dropping out, so the information isn't always given to us in the timeframe we would like. We are trying to relay the information to you all as soon as we get it.


Q: When does the tournament start?

From what the tournament directors have stated is that the tournament is starting on Saturday.


Q: When will the Pre-tournament Training sessions begin?

Pre Tournaments Training begins Friday morning, and we are attempting to get 4 hours of ice for each team. Pre-tournament training has proven to give a leg up to the players in the past.


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North American Preparatory Hockey Academy Spring/Summer Development Hockey Program reestablished itself in the spring of 2017 after moving from California.

NA Prep is dedicated to developing aspiring hockey players who want to unlock themselves and achieve their ultimate goals in hockey. Our players are expected to give one-hundred percent in everything they do, from on-ice/off-ice training, goal setting, leadership and character development.

NA Prep is now accepting players for their 2020 Spring/Summer hockey season. We offer AA to high A playing level, compounded with dynamic training provided to ensure our players obtain the most efficient development.  

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Jami James

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